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Anthology Contents...


Anthology Contents

30 CDs of unparalleled versatility performed by the unique and legendary, Staryk.

  1. Opening Narrative; Rimsky Korsakoff: Le Coq D’or; Documentary; Mozart: Concerto No. 3, K.216

  2. Walton: Violin Concerto; Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No. 4; Russo: Jazz Concerto; Corelli: La Folia; Kalman: Play Gypsy Play; Traditional: Dinicu: Hora Staccato; Brahms: Hungarian Dance No. 17; Paganini: Concerto No. 4 (Canzonetta); Sarasate: Introduction & Tarantella

  3. Haydn: String Quartet Op. 3, No. 5; Haydn: Sonata for Violin and Piano, H-XV/32; Mozart: Piano Quartet, K.493; Schubert: Sonata in A Minor for Violin and Piano, D385; Schubert: Sonatine for Violin and Piano in D Op. 137

  4. Beethoven Violin & Piano Sonatas Nos. 9, 2, 8

  5. Beethoven Violin & Piano Sonatas Nos. 10, 4, 1, 3

  6. Beethoven Violin & Piano Sonatas Nos. 7, 5, 6

  7. Prokofiev: Concerto No. 1 in D Major; Sonatas Nos 1 and 2 for Violin and Piano

  8. Kreisler (18 originals and transcriptions)

  9. Dvorak: Piano Quartet Op. 23; Brahms: Piano Quartet Op. 25

  10. Gypsy (25 composed and traditional folk melodies); Haydn: String Quartet Op. 33, No. 3

  11. Stravinsky: L’histoire du Soldat; Prokofiev: Five Melodies; Hindemith: Sonata for Violin and Piano Op. 11, No. 1; Papineau-Couture: G Major Sonata for Violin and Piano; Pergolesi: Sonatas 1 and 12 for Violin and Harpsichord; Stravinsky: Suite Italienne

  12. Vivaldi: Four Seasons, RV269, 315, 293, 297; Tartini: G Minor Sonata for Violin and Harpsichord; Veracini: E Minor Sonata for Violin and Harpsichord

  13. Schumann: Concerto; Mendelssohn: Concerto (E Minor); Mozart: Adagio, K. 261; Mozart: Rondo, K. 373

  14. Major Concertmaster Solos (Rimsky-Korsakov, Strauss, Saint-Saens, Tchaikovsky, Delibes, Brahms, Dvorak, Mahler); Haydn: Sinfonia Concertante

  15. Canadian Works: Glick; Somers; Adaskin; Fiala; Freedman; Vallerand; and Farnon

  16. Strauss: Piano Quartet Op. 13; Dvorak: Piano Quartet Op. 87

  17. Unaccompanied Solo Works: Pisendel; Geminiani; Stamitz; Telemann; Hindemith: Op. 31 No. 2; Papineau-Couture: Aria; Suite; Prokofiev: Op. 115

  18. Brahms: Piano Trio Op. 101; Sonatas Op. 100 and 108 for Violin and Piano; Piano Trio Op. 87 (1st and 2nd Movements)

  19. Beethoven: Concerto in D Major; Paganini: Concerto No. 1

  20. Dvorak: Trio Op. 26; Schumann: Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 1; Brahms: Sonatensatz for Violin and Piano; Brahms: A Major Piano Quartet Op. 26 (3rd and 4th Movements)

  21. Every Violinist’s Guide (WQXR NY Times Review; 36 studies including 8 Paganini Caprices)

  22. Bartok: Sonata No. 1 for Violin and Piano; Roumanian Dances; Sonatine for Violin and Piano; Rhapsody No. 1 for Violin and Piano; Two Portraits with Orchestra Op. 5

  23. Mozart: Concerto No. 5, K.219; G Minor String Quartet, K.516 (2nd and 4th Movements); Sinfonia Concertante, K.364

  24. Klein: Paganini Collage; Kinsella: String Quartet No. 3 (excerpt); Kenins: Concerto for Violin and Orchestra; Tippett: Triple Concerto (excerpt); Walton: String Quartet (4th Movement)

  25. Concert Repertoire and Encores. Includes Leclair; Vieuxtemps; Fiocco; Fauré; Tchaikovsky; 4 Paganini Caprices; Szymanowski; Vaughan Williams; Ravel; Shostakovich; and Novacek

  26. Debussy: Sonata for Violin and Piano; Franck: Sonata for Violin and Piano; Ravel: Duo for Violin and Cello (3rd Movement); Berceuse for Violin and Piano; Walton: Sonata for Violin and Piano (1st Movement); Prevost: Sonata for Violin and Piano

  27. Versatility Extraordinaire (includes excerpts from): Tchaikovsky: Concerto (1st Movement); Bach: Sonata for Violin and Harpsichord No. 4, BWV 1017 (1st Movement); Hoffert: Concerto for Jazz Violin (2nd Movement); Hora Lui: Timosca; Haydn: Concerto in C Major (2nd Movement); Zeimteko: Greek Dance; Glazounov: Concerto Op. 82 (abridged); Purcell: Golden Sonata for Two Violins, Continuo and Harpsichord (2nd and 3rd Movements); Chanson du Berger: Hungarian Czardas on Roumanian Themes; Tchaikovsky: None But The Lonely Heart; Hicaz Sarki: Turkish Dance; Massenet: Meditation From Thäis; Beethoven: Triple Concerto Op. 56 (excerpt); Bartok: Sonata No. 1 for Violin and Piano (excerpt); Hoffert: Concerto for Jazz Violin (excerpt: blues and jazz); Tchaikovsky: Concerto 3rd Movement)

  28. Wieniawski: Concerto No. 2 in D Minor Op. 22; Caprices Op. 18 and Op. 10; Polonaise in D Op. 4; Mazurka Op. 19 No. 2; Legende Op. 17; Scherzo Tarantelle Op. 16

  29. Bach: E Minor Sonata for Violin and Harpsichord, BWV1023; D Minor Partita for Unaccompanied Violin, BWV1004; Sonata in G Major for Violin and Harpsichord, BWV1021; Sonata in G Minor for Harpsichord and Violin; Brandenburg Concerto No. 5, BWV1050

  30. Closing Narrative; Bach: E Major Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, BWV1042; Shostakovich: Concerto Op. 99; Shostakovich: String Quartets Nos. 7 Op. 108 and 11 Op. 122

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