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What people are saying

"The man's control is demonic! His playing is reminiscent of Heifetz."
- Hi-Fi Stereo

"…Staryk might be considered the greatest of the living virtuosi. He is without doubt, one of the half dozen most gifted."
- The New Records (Philadelphia)

"One tends to forget just how marvelous a sound Staryk can wrest from his instrument. …He is so flexible a player that he oozes musicianship."
- The Toronto Star (Toronto)

"…a virtuoso of the highest rank who is constantly being "discovered" by awestruck reviewers."
- The Strad (London)

"He is today's greatest Canadian-born violinist."
- The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

"Staryk plays with temperament, style, fire, authority, and a tone that has both song and bite."
- Chicago Tribune

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Anthology Details

This anthology comes with a 96-page booklet containing the most details ever presented regarding composer, composition, instruments used, collaboration of all individuals, chamber groups, conductors and orchestras, dates of performances, locations, references and reviews.

From Purcell to contemporary composers of the 1970’s.

Traditional violin repertoire, chamber ensembles, orchestral solos, authentic gypsy and jazz.
“…his successful diversity of styles is not equalled by any other violinist.” 
(James Creighton: Discopaedia of the Violin)

About Anthology

Anthology Contents

  1. Opening Narrative; Rimsky Korsakoff: Le Coq D’or; Documentary; Mozart: Concerto No. 3, K.216

  2. Walton: Violin Concerto; Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No. 4; Russo: Jazz Concerto; Corelli: La Folia; Kalman: Play Gypsy Play; Traditional: Dinicu: Hora Staccato; Brahms: Hungarian Dance No. 17; Paganini: Concerto No. 4 (Canzonetta); Sarasate: Introduction & Tarantella

  3. Haydn: String Quartet Op. 3, No. 5; Haydn: Sonata for Violin and Piano, H-XV/32; Mozart: Piano Quartet, K.493; Schubert: Sonata in A Minor for Violin and Piano, D385; Schubert: Sonatine for Violin and Piano in D Op. 137

  4. Beethoven Violin & Piano Sonatas Nos. 9, 2, 8

  5. Beethoven Violin & Piano Sonatas Nos. 10, 4, 1, 3

  6. Beethoven Violin & Piano Sonatas Nos. 7, 5, 6

  7. Prokofiev: Concerto No. 1 in D Major; Sonatas Nos 1 and 2 for Violin and Piano

  8. Kreisler (18 originals and transcriptions)

  9. Dvorak: Piano Quartet Op. 23; Brahms: Piano Quartet Op. 25

30 CDs of unparalleled versatility performed by the unique and legendary, Staryk.

Who Has It

The following institutions, music schools, classical radio stations (NPR), etc. have received copies of The Staryk Anthology:

"In my opinion, your anthology is one of the most important recorded documents in violin history."

Stephen Shipps,
Professor of Violin,
Senior Advisor to the Dean For International Study,
University of Michigan

"This incredible compiled document will be an exceedingly important resource for musicians in Canada and throughout the world."

David Visentin,
Associate Dean,
Glenn Gould School,
The Royal Conservatory of Toronto

"I must say that this compilation of recordings exceeds my wildest expectations … interesting new works … demonic Prokofiev, your chamber musicianship! All the Beethoven sonatas…"

Lorenz Gamma,
Assistant Professor,
California Institute of the Arts


Prof. Erlich Presenting the Staryk Anthology to President Sokolov of the Tchaikovsky Competition, Moscow Conservatory.

About Steven Staryk

Born April 27, 1932 in Toronto of Ukrainian immigrant parents, Steven Staryk began his violin studies at the age of seven. The publication of his career memoirs and observations in Fiddling With Life has been lauded by reviewers and distinguished musicians. His prodigious career was a unique and extraordinary integration of related activities: soloist, pedagogue, chamber musician and concertmaster; he surpassed the summit in each and every role. The title “King of Concertmasters” was bestowed upon him by The Strad magazine after having led three major orchestras by the age of 35: the Royal Philharmonic, the Royal Concertgebouw (the first British subject to attain a major position in continental Europe) and the Chicago Symphony. He also served as Concertmaster of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, the CBC Symphony and the Boyd Neel Orchestra.

Staryk taught at several of the foremost music schools including the Amsterdam Conservatory, Oberlin Conservatory (the youngest full professor in the institution’s history), Northwestern University (Chicago) and Toronto’s Royal Conservatory, culminating in his receiving the Distinguished Teaching Award (the first ever awarded to a professor in the University of Washington’s School of Music).


A young Staryk mesmerizes.

Staryk's Violins

The following is a list of some of the best violins Steven Staryk has performed on through 50 of his 70 year career.

  1. Sanctus Seraphin

  2. Joseph Guarnerius Filius Andreae

  3. Hieronymous Amati, 1698

  4. “Lord Coke” del Gesu, 1744

  5. “Hochstein” Strad, 1715

  6. “Papini” del Gesu, 1739

  7. “Muntz” Strad, 1736

  8. “Baltic” del Gesu, 1731

  9. “Barrere” Strad, 1727

  10. “Wieniawski” Strad, 1719

  11. “Steinhardt-Sacconi” del Gesu, 1740

  12. Rugieri

  13. J.B. Guadagnini, 1768

  14. “Bartholony” Maggini, 1610


Wieniawski Strad, 1719

15. George Heinl (Toronto), 1948

16. Strad, 1721

17. Joel Shewcuck (Scottsdale, AZ), 2003

18. Kenneth Sullivan (Rochester, NY), 2003

19. Terrence McShane (Phoenix, AZ), 2002

20. “Leveque” Strad, 1721

21. “Darnley” Strad, 1712

22. “MacMillan” Strad, 1721

23. “Wilmotte” Strad, 1734

24. “Milanello” Strad, 1728

25. “Kiesewetter” Strad, 1731

26. “Scotland University” Strad, 1734

27. “Sennhauser” del Gesu, 1735

28. “Parlow” del Genu, 1735

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