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What people are saying

"The man's control is demonic! His playing is reminiscent of Heifetz."
- Hi-Fi Stereo

"…Staryk might be considered the greatest of the living virtuosi. He is without doubt, one of the half dozen most gifted."
- The New Records (Philadelphia)

"One tends to forget just how marvelous a sound Staryk can wrest from his instrument. …He is so flexible a player that he oozes musicianship."
- The Toronto Star (Toronto)

"…a virtuoso of the highest rank who is constantly being "discovered" by awestruck reviewers."
- The Strad (London)

"He is today's greatest Canadian-born violinist."
- The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

"Staryk plays with temperament, style, fire, authority, and a tone that has both song and bite."
- Chicago Tribune